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​Wedding Weekender

The wedding weekender is the perfect way to introduce out-town guests to the Hudson Valley. We'll create a customizable experience itinerary that will eliminate all the guess work for your friends and family on what to do before the wedding.

The Hudson Valley is a destination, welcome them with a tour by foot or shuttled. From us, your guests will receive beautiful itinerary plotting out the details of the day and a hosted tour of the region. Optional are welcome boxes with items of the Hudson Valley with itinerary to be placed in guests' hotel rooms.

We work with you closely to balance itinerary, timeline, location, budget, and coordination of guests. We can design the day to be optional; guests book and pay direct or it can be a prepaid tour by the bride, groom, or family of.

Take a look at our  2019 Tours  and  Inspiration Tours  for ideas.

Thinking of making a weekend of it? Check out some suggested places to  Stay  in the Hudson Valley.

It’s the little things that make life sweet. This statement was reiterated to me through the tour company of Hudson Valley Bucket List. I had the great pleasure of spending a wonderful day being treated to the tastes and sights of the Hudson Valley through a private tour. ​-Ocean210 Gloucester, VA
Beacon History
​​​Surprise your guests with welcome boxes inspired by the Hudson Valley

  1. Curated walking tour of a quintessential walkable town
    Curated walking tour of a quintessential walkable town
  2. Cellar Tour of the Oldest Winery in America
    Cellar Tour of the Oldest Winery in America
  3. Artisanal Cheese Tasting
    Artisanal Cheese Tasting
  4. The Roundhouse
    The Fishkill Falls at the Roundhouse
  5. Wine Tasting
    A flight of wine at three unique wineries in the Hudson Valley
  6. Pop-up Picnic
    Pop-up Picnic
  7. Terrarium Making
    Terrarium Making

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