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The Beacon Vibe

Clustered around Fishkill Creek is the industrial side of Beacon. The roots of this small city are visible but some hidden remnants remain. Follow Beacon's Main Street to the East End, cross the train tracks and start exploring. You can still get an idea of what an industrial mecca it use to be. 

Last season Hudson Valley Bucket List brought small groups around with stories that guests could interact with. During our tours, day trippers and weekenders would stop us, curious into Beacon's most visible history, factory remnants, the buildings. They are truly unique architecturally with each having their own vibe and story.

The new businesses taking up residency in these once retired spaces continue the romantic lore; a once old, dirty factory and transforming them into ultra-unique industrial, modern spaces producing sought after hand crafted Hudson Valley goods and services.

If you have a group of 10 or more, we can coordinate a plan a private tour. Call 845.943.9490 or email [email protected] to request more information.
Beacon Bites & Beverages
Meeting Location
We begin our walking tour at 2:00 on the corner of 314 Main Street in front of the mural. Please arrive 15 minutes early.
The Vibe
The Hudson Valley is exploding with craft beverages and culinary bites with its proximity to the Culinary Institute of America and local farms. It's the perfect combination giving locals and out-of-towners fresh, innovative bites and beverages by local artisans and chefs. Spend a few hours with us exploring the East Side of Main Street on a Beacon Bites & Beverage walking tour.
Tasting Locations
Denning's Point Distillery
Tour & Taste. See how spirits are produced with a philosophy of  "creating the smallest environmental footprint possible, while achieving the greatest flavor profiles possible".  Taste the award winning "Beacon Bourbon".

Drink More Good​
​Taste. Unique flavors and combinations of organic and locally sourced soda syrups hand-crafted in Beacon. Shop for teas and tisane concentrates, and bitters in this mix of rustic and modern vibe.    

Hudson Valley Brewery ​
Tour & Taste. Step into an industrial space crafting beer they love to drink. Balanced, well rounded, soft, aprroachable beer conditioned with palate pleasing flavors like passion fruit, vanilla balm, hibiscus, blueberry, and citrus.   

Beacon Pantry
​​Taste. An intimate, boutique style market and cafe with meats, charcuterie, and gourmet cheeses. Fresh, Bloomy, Semi Soft, Firm, Hard, Blue and Washed Rind cheeses hand-selected by their in-house cheesemonger.

Beacon Bath & Bubble​​​
​​​Taste. A whimsical shop with a fun take on local and old fashion. Taste an old fashion soda float with guests creating the winning combination. ​​

And More
Beacon Blend
Meeting Location
We begin our walking tour at 11:00 on the corner of 314 Main Street in front of the mural. Please arrive 15 minutes early.
The Vibe
Taking you through the happening of Beacon blending stories of the past with the current culture of this small city. We'll step you through this great movement of revitalizing old factories scattered across this "twin city" turned eclectic, hip Beacon! We'll share stories as noble as a Kennedy or George Washington and as simple as a factory worker while showing off some quirky remnants of this past factory town.
Some Sites on the Way
​​12508 Post Office
​Glimpse into this historic site exploring it's connections to American history, art, and architecture of the Hudson Valley.

Drink More Good
​A modern version of a Beacon factory producing unique flavors and combinations of organic and locally sourced soda syrups.

Howland Cultural Center
​​Explore this iconic staple of Main Street with links to impressive people of the 19th and 20th century.

One East Main Street
​The evolution of Beacon's urban beginnings.

The Roundhouse
​The continuation of the factory turned modern, urban.

​Beacon Bath & Bubble
​A whimsical shop rooted in Beacon's community.​
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Meeting location for Beacon Blend (11:00 AM) and Beacon Bites & Beverages (2:00 PM) walking tours is 314 Main Street in front of the Head Mural.
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